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Mindfulness is the latest business buzz word and there's a reason why. Today's business environment is typically hectic with each day like a little whirlwind that sweeps us along. This is the most simple of exercises reminding us to Breathe. 


By breathing, we return our focus to the body and give our minds a rest from the relentless day. It calms our brain and frees it up to think more clearly again whilst also reducing the stress in our bodies. Use this whenever and whereever needed in your life.



This 20 min exercise is designed to help you start to surface some points to bring to a coaching conversation. Your authentic leadership starts with you and where you are in the world of your life.



This 20 min exercise is designed to help you calm your mind and shift your perspective about a live situation. You let go of the problem and see what arises for you as you take a walk.



...the spheres of your life to see how they connect to each other; support or create tension. Experiment with changes and notice your responses. You are one person & your work and life are interconnected.



about your issue in a continuous flow to crystallize the question that's going round your head. In 15 mins, you can clarify your thinking and start to move onto options and answers.

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