Leadership Coaching

What is Leadership Coaching?

Coaching is a guided process where you bring your issues, opportunities and current work situation. Together, we create a relationship which sheds new light and perspective on what is going on for you. We work to establish trust and connect at a level that allows challenge and support to go hand in hand. The focus of the conversation is around the leadership practices that you embody at work, however the approach we take starts with the belief that you are one person. We take a whole life, whole person view on work and leadership. By deepening your experience of your present situation; we establish an intentional goal yet remain fluid and adaptive. Through cycles of experimentation and reflection, we take steps towards your future.


When can Leadership Coaching be helpful?

  • When you're facing changes & uncertainty at work, either to lead the team through them or facing them personally. When you want to lead authentically from your values, and still work in service of the business goals.

  • When you're taking the next step up in your career or changing companies.

  • When you've received 360 feedback and are trying to connect it to who you are.

  • When you've noticed that what you are doing seems to no longer be working.

  • When important working relationships need to be stronger & more cohesive to withstand the uncertainty of change.

  • When you feel like you are losing yourself to work and the expectations of others.

  • When you know you are good at your job, but have a hunch that you could be amazing!


1~2~1 coaching


We meet and create a relationship of trust and equality to take a journey that will nurture your leadership capability in service of your own and your organisation's goals. Over a time frame of 6-9 months, we start with a 2.5hr discovery, trust and contracting session and proceed with 1.5hr face to face or skype sessions. We explore your values and beliefs; which ones support you and which ones limit your leadership. We agree experiences to push the boundaries of learning and through your individual and our joint reflection you will enhance your leadership capability. 

1~2~1 coaching fees


£1,520 8hr Package: Chemistry + Discovery (2hrs) + Coaching (4x 1.5hrs) 

Additional Individual sessions 

£285 for 1.5hrs of face to face coaching*

This includes travel time of up to 1hr from Ealing, West London and assumes coaching will take place at your work location/ public place.

Peer Group coaching development

The #2 position in a fast growing entrepreneurial business can be a tough spot.

This 6 month development experience is for 2iC's (Second-In-Command) to support & stretch your leadership.

EXPLORE your self, your business, your leadership

NAVIGATE your place within the fast growth environment

CONTRIBUTE your full value 

The first 6 month coaching programme kicks off February 2019. 


Click here for the Programme overview

Fees £4,990

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