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Below are some questions and answers that are often asked of me. If you don't find what you are looking for here, please drop me an email.

 01  Which type of coaching do I need?

If you're unsure about which experience to opt for or if coaching is for you, then please contact me to share your situation and we can discuss the different ways they could work for you. If you want to understand the difference between coaching and mentoring, read 'Need to Know'. 


 02  I'd like Partnership Relationship coaching but not sure my business partner is up for it?


It's important that both of you have energy and an interest in improving your relationship. Finding the suggestion of coaching to your partner difficult is a sign that your relationship may be in need of some attention. Try suggesting a health check on how you're both doing and connecting it to business performance and growth. Suggest that a third party, such as a coach, can help it be productive. Alternatively, we can work together on a 1~2~1 basis around how you experience and co-create your relationships.

 03  What's the first step in creating a coaching relationship?

It starts with you. What issues and opportunities would you like to bring to coaching? Read the 'Need to Know' document. Try out an 'activity' on the coaching activities page to stimulate your thinking. Or just pick up the phone or drop me an email. Coaching starts with a conversation. Before we commit to working together, we have what is known as a chemistry meeting so that we can create a shared understanding of what you would like from the relationship and how I work. Following that our first session together is one of Discovery and Trust. We cover how we will work together, including where, when, for how long and agree the fee structure.

 04  How much does it cost to work with you?

My fees are structured to be affordable for individuals, small businesses and corporate clients; click the link for a summary. I offer fixed price packages for 1~2~1 and Partnership Coaching. For Action Learning Groups and Dynamic Observation, the total cost depends on the work we agree; the fees summary shows my hourly & daily rates. As ~bend the river is a new small business, I am able to offer fees without the additional cost of VAT. 




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