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I work with individuals who are looking for support in developing their leadership and relationship capability, particularly during times of change. You may be looking for coaching support to make a smooth transition to a new company or simply seeking support that is not available within your current company.  As ~ bend the river is a new small business, you get the advantage of prices without the extra cost of VAT.


Small businesses & Entrepreneurs

If your leadership & co-founder relationship defines the success of your small business I can support you during the different phases of growth & change in a number of different ways. If you're a sole owner then 1~2~1 would be suitable. If you're joint business partners, then consider investing in the partnership coaching offer to strengthen your relationship for the changes and challenges of the future.



A coaching approach with individuals and pairs that supports and builds their relationship capacity and competence is a core addition to your existing learning & development offer in service of your business goals. Alternatively, you may be going through significant structural change and your leaders need additional coaching support to help them lead with presence and authenticity during this heightened period of change.


Organisational Development

& Learning Consultants

If you're looking for a partner to complement your structural or process work in companies, then the addition of a relationship and leadership expert can work in support of the agreed change goals and programme. The approach surfaces resistance minimising the risk of it appearing later and destabilising changes made.


Recruitment Consultants

Is it important to you that the recruitment match is successful and longlasting? Recommending a coach to support the first 6 months in a new business helps the senior leadership capability that shone through in interview become a reality and flourish in the new environment rather than just be absorbed by it.


Greater self awareness that has driven improved performance at both personal and team levels.  This self awareness has also reduced personal stress and avoided conflict within teams as I have grown in confidence in how I deal with team performance matters. Ultimately this all leads to an increase in the performance of the organisation.

Richard, HR Professional

London, FTSE 100 Business

Interactive. Not soft. Challenging

Dean, IT Professional

London, FTSE 100 Business

A massive 'thank you' for your calmness and energy that you have shared with me to help me become my 'brilliant self'. 

Anna, Senior Leader

Coventry, FTSE 100 Business

Felicity's style was very open and relaxed. I'd met her once before our first meeting, but only briefly. Our first meeting allowed me to trust her very quickly and easily because she was very open and easy to talk through things with from day one. This set the tone for me going forward and I would describe this initially as her method. A really important way of allowing us to get the most from the time we had. Setting up agreed ways of working on day one and key objectives and often returning to these helped to keep me on track and to clearly see the progression I was making with her coaching support. 

Paul, Senior Leader

Yorkshire, FTSE 100 Business

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