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Workplace Relationship Coaching

Relationships contribute enormously to our individual and organisational performance, growth and well-being. Most of the time, if we all know what we are doing and what performance standard is expected, our relationships tend to tick along just fine. Things tend to get a bit sticky when performance standards are interpreted in slightly different ways; or the situation is changing so rapidly that thinking on one's feet can be the cause of misunderstandings; resentment and frustration can build quickly and slow down the progress of work, making us miserable as well. 

Learning to work with others is a key skill of leadership but on occasions, the helping eyes, ears and words of a third party can more easily bring what's being left unsaid into a key working relationship. You may be business partners; directors of different departments; line manager & team member; or project manager and project sponsor. For this to be effective, you both must be in agreement that this is something you would like to try. We meet as a three and agree how we work together, what frequency, what duration and if individual sessions would add or detract from the process. My responsibility is to hold the process that will shift your relationship to the next level.

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Pair Coaching

The Partnership Programme 

Beneficial for business partnerships which recognise that their co-founder relationship is core to the culture of their enterprise and are:

  • in the early days of the business forming and you want to build a strong foundation for the future

  • about to undergo significant growth/change and you want to ensure you'll come through it together and still talking!

  • having difficulties and struggling to make headway and it feels like it is risking the future of the business

The programme follows this flow:

  • 12 hours of face to face exploration covering four key areas of focus:

  1. Your co-story - who you have been together and how did you get to this point today?

  2. Others - who are the significant others who experience your relationship? How do they experience it? How do you experience them?

  3. Situation - what is your business context? How are the dynamics of performance, growth and well-being showing up?

  4. Future - how does your relationship need to evolve to support your desired future?


Co-Founders leave with
  • Greater understanding of their own and each other's values and work preferences, particularly how their similarities and differences can be the source of both creativity and tension

  • Objectives explored through the lenses of performance, growth and well-being to align direction and understand 'red flag' areas of risk.

  • Desired working behaviours to optimise performance, growth and well-being.

  • A relationship process and experience to use in other workplace situations


£2,700 per partnership
Suitable for any two leaders who are looking to support & strengthen their relationship. 
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