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Why ~ bend the river ?​

Inspired by nature, man and change

The name of this company is inspired by the Driffield Beck chalk stream in East Yorkshire and the work of a farmer Andrew, on the section that flows through his land. Back in the 1800's a significant number of the UK's unique chalk streams were straightened and widened with the best intention of helping flood water escape. This had the side effect of destroying the natural ecology of the streams and river.


Over a long period of time, Andrew has used willow rushes to build up sections of the river, thereby narrowing sections and increasing the flow of water. This clears the sediment from the bottom, allowing the trout access to the chalk bed to spawn new life. The water is clear, flowing and productive. The interdependent & continuously changing elements are bound together.

I see this as a metaphor for the work I do with clients. Our relationships and company cultures flow like rivers. And like this one in East Yorkshire, they require tending to be clear, healthy and free flowing. To become a place in which life can flourish.


How does this link with performance, growth and well-being?

My research has found that relationships, performance, growth and our well-being are interconnected. A company's bias towards performance, growth and well-being impacts the quality of the relationships and back out to the overall company culture. There is no one solution, the important step is to recognise your own place of balance, to understand others and to acknowledge that culture emerges out  of our interactions. We look for where you need to change the flow of your relationships, what needs support and what needs freeing up. To continue the metaphor, there are more fish in the river. The river is healthier and you attract others with your energy and vitality.



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