My name is Felicity...

I got interested in how our working relationships affected performance, growth and well-being when starting my coach training in 2009. Back then I was working as a senior leader for a FTSE100 company. I already knew that communication was key to the success of a project and team leadership but it was the experience of creating coaching relationships that highlighted I knew my coaching clients of 2 hours better than my team members of 2 years!

Since then I've focused my attention on building relationship expertise and coaching skills to complement my 20 years of small and corporate business experience. 

Felicity Hodkinson, Coach & Founder

“Change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not”

Arnold Beisser, MD

20 years of business experience 

  • business market researcher and writer (my first job and by far the least favourite!)

  • brand marketing and trade marketing in stationery and food industries

  • category marketing, business planning, category management and change project and programme management at Sainsbury's Supermarkets

  • governance responsibility as a charity Trustee for Community Network

  • experience of being developed as a senior leader & responsible for multi-million pound budgets

  • experience of creating & recruiting, being in and leading cross-functional & virtual teams and groups

  • exposed to the uncertainty of business restructures

  • 2019: Director of UK ICF Chapter, leading on restructure, governance and coach membership

  • 2020: President of UK ICF Chapter, attracting talent and balancing stability and growth during Covid-19


How I work...

  • Together & in equal relationship with you

  • Facilitating from the current towards the future as it emerges

  • In appreciation, respect and openness to the difference between us

  • By observing & sensing the dynamic & energy to heighten awareness

  • Creatively to open up new perspectives through heart, gut and body knowing to complement our brains

  • In service of you, your relationships and your organisation


Expertise and Coaching Skills

  • MSc in Leading & Facilitating Change from Metanoia Institute 2017

  • Dissertation: An exploration of how our working relationships support performance, growth and well-being

  • Sainsbury's Mastercoach, training accredited by EMCC & Middlesex University 2010

  • ICF coach training and first accreditation to ACC level 2013, progressing to PCC in 2019

  • iEQ9 Level 1 Accredited Coach Trainer 2018

  • Systemic Constellation training with The Whole Partnership 2016

  • Leading from the Emerging Future: Theory U from Otto Scharmer MOOC Autumn 2015

  • BA in Management Studies from Hull University 

At home....















Skyscrapers Above Times Square at Dawn

Skyscrapers Above Times Square at Dawn





I love adventuring and exploring outdoors

The love & support of my partner, friends and family gives me confidence

A childhood in Hong Kong and work in London gave me a love for the buzz of cities 

Cooking & eating great healthy food matters!

I find myself & renew in the peace and enormity of landscape

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