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Change for Good Coaching

This is coaching for everyone. You can have one session or several.

How it will work - When you've decided this is for you, then sign up. I give you an hour of coaching in exchange for a £40 donation to my Just Giving fund and together we support the Homeless Partnership via the Change for Good project (Reg.1122113) and give a those in need across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, a helping hand out of homelessness.

Coaching sessions will be available most Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons throughout 2024.


Questions - message me directly: 

Homelessness Partnership


Why this Matters

3 reasons why I am offering this: 

  1. Makes coaching more accessible to many

  2. My work makes a wider contribution to my local area

  3. Helps me find out what matters most

Click the link below to watch me talk about this. 


Is it for You? 

If you have a sense of feeling stuck; want to create some change in your life and can't see where to start; know what you want and need to talk it through? These are just some dilemmas which clients bring into a coaching conversation.  

Click the link below to read more about how coaching can help. 


Sign Up

Next step is to sign up. The sign up form asks you to share a bit about you and what you'd like coaching to help with; to make your donation and to book your coaching time.


Then I look forward to meeting you. 

If you're interested in receiving Q's, Tips, Stories and Resources that will get you thinking and activating some self-reflection then Join Me for Flow with Felicity. 


A monthly email to support you to find your Flow. Arrives first Friday of every month. 

Read my thoughts as January transitions into February 2024.

Join Me for Flow with Felicity

Great to see you joining a community of people committed to evolving who they are within and who they are with others. Welcome!

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