The approach that I take to Coach Mentor Supervision is similar to that of relationship coaching. It puts your relationship with your coaching client at the heart of the process. It has proven effective in helping new coaches and those in their first few years of coaching practice to develop competence in accordance with ICF standards. 

The Coach Mentor Programme

Beneficial for coaches which are:

  • seeking their first accreditation at ACC level with the ICF and undergoing coach training with an accredited provider

  • seeking re-accredittion at ACC level

The 10hr (10x 1hr) programme follows this flow:

  • Contracting & ICF Competency Review and Plan

  • Coach Mentor session held every 3-5 wks. Focus given to areas identified in the Competency Review; to specific client issues; to coach style & stance

All sessions are held individually online using ZOOM, with recordings made available.

£810 (if paid upfront)

£90/hr (if paid session by session, within 7 days)

ICF Coach Mentor requirements


The ICF requires coaches seeking ACC accreditation or re-accrediation after 3 years to have 10 hours of Coach Mentor time with a coach who is qualified to at least ACC standard. 


Felicity Hodkinson is a PCC coach, gaining her first credential in 2013. For more details on the ICF Core Competencies, ICF Code of Ethics and ICF Coach Mentor requirements, please visit the ICF Website.


Coach Mentor Supervision

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