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Coach Development

Mentor Coaching & Supervision

Mentor Coaching for ICF credentialing supports coach competency against the researched set of ICF Core Competencies. You may be seeking an ICF credential or looking to renew your credential. I work with clients who want to anchor the core competencies into their coaching practice, who seek to go beyond the doing work of a coach, to being a coach. 


In supervision, we put your relationship with your coaching client at the heart of the work. Who you are, and how you show up with your clients creates a helpful wide-angled lens. I work with coaches who are curious about the relationships they form with clients and the systems of which they become a part. See more of what is going on and create more possibilities for how you can support your clients. 

The Mentor Coach Programme

Beneficial for coaches which are:

  • seeking their first credential at ACC or PCC level with the ICF 

  • seeking re-accredittion at ACC level

The 10hr (10x 1hr) programme follows this flow:

  • Contracting & ICF Competency Review and Plan

  • Coach Mentor session held every 3-5 wks. Focus given to areas identified in the Competency Review; to specific client issues; to coach style & stance

  • Verbal and written feedback on 2 x whole session client recordings (30-60 mins)

  • Support to navigate ICF credential pathways

All sessions are held individually online using ZOOM.

£1,800 for the Complete Package

£150/hr (if paid session by session with recordings charged separately)

ICF Mentor Coach requirements


The ICF requires coaches seeking ACC credential or re-credential requires 10 hours of Mentor Coach time with a coach who is qualified to at least ACC standard, and who has renewed their credential at least once. For coaches seeking a PCC credential, the Mentor Coach must hold a PCC credential. 

It must be taken over a minimum period of 3 months. 


Felicity is a PCC credentialed coach, gaining her first credential in 2013. She is a valued and active member of the ICF community, volunteering her time to lead the UK ICF Chapter, taking on the role of President 2020. She has completed the ICF Core Competency assessor training.


For more details on the ICF Core Competencies, ICF Code of Ethics and ICF Mentor Coach requirements, please visit the ICF website

Good news - 10 hours of Mentor Coaching can be counted towards your CCEU requirement for credential or re-credential. 

One to One Supervision Programme

Beneficial for coaches who are committed to reflect on and strengthen their coaching practice within a minimum 6-12 month supervisory relationship. This investment is worthwhile for coaches who want to give themselves and their practice a high degree of focus and support. 

The 6hr (6x1hr) programme flow is defined by the needs of the coach. It includes the following qualities [Inskipp and Proctor (2001)]

  • Restorative - the being of the coach; energy; resourcing oneself; practice of coaching within your life and mix of work

  • Formative - competency, skills, approaches, perspectives and skill in application

  • Normative - safe and ethical standards; working within competency; boundaries and quality

The frequency of sessions is determined by the coach, and within the context of the frequency of their coaching practice. 

All sessions are held individually online using ZOOM.







The Open Supervision Community

Feeling a need to be part of something? Looking for a space to continue to develop? Seeking support, safety and stretch? 

The Open Supervision Community gives coaches flexibility to join a group supervision session as and when needed. No fixed dates, no fixed no. of sessions. Pay as you go or block book.


Register to have access to the sessions and the online group space. 

Here's the equation I'm aiming for: 

Commitment x Flexibility x Community = Sufficient Safety + Variety

Commitment: To show up when you're booked in & to participate in the group

Flexibility: To start #CoachSupervision sessions will be held the first Thursday of every month at 14.00 for 2/3hrs. Session length depends on the number that join. Eg for 4 coaches or less, it will be 2 hrs; and for 5/6 we will be together for 3hrs.

Community: The ~bendtheriver supervision group space will give a place to building our relationships outside of the supervision time together. Plus, be a place for sharing resources. 

Sufficient Safety: We each have different needs to feel sufficiently safe to step into our less than comfortable learning zones. We contract for the support you want from the group.

Variety: Will come through the similar but different group combinations and sizes which will naturally emerge. Plus from who brings what and how we choose to work together each session. 

£100 per session

Register now

Supervision is not an ICF requirement. However, ICF Credential-holders may submit up to 10 hours of Coaching supervision as Core Competency Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units toward their credential renewal.

For more details on how the ICF views supervision, please visit the ICF website

Felicity has been developing her coach supervisory approach for over 10 years, most recently seeking the Diploma in Supervision: A Relational Change Process, 2022-2023.

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