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A Relationship approach to coaching

A relationship approach is well suited to developing the leadership practices which our complex, fast and growing world needs more of today and in the future.


The key principle is that learning always happens through your relationships with others or to the situation. We are interdependent and not isolated. The capabilites that the world needs cannot be learnt in a text book or online, they involve the experience of looking inwards to ourselves and looking outwards to others and the situation.


Change is all around us and within us. Sometimes it's subtle and on other occasions there is no escaping it. Understanding who we are in relation to others, to the situation, to the environment creates a rich learning experience that supports us through the uncertainty of change and transition.

Individual Coaching


Together we create a coaching relationship to grow your authenticity capability and improve your capacity to live with uncertainty and develop receptivity and connectedness with others.


Coaching is 1~2~1 and typically held over 6-9 months.

Relationship Coaching


Change happens at the learning edge of different opinions and perspectives, but too often we prefer the safety and speed that commonality brings. Experience the change and learning that happens when difference is allowed to flourish, and not be diminished.


Ideal for small business partnerships just forming or about to go through significant change; and for key peer relationships or manager/ sub-ordinate relationships needing more alignment.

Coaching is in pairs, and typically held every 2 hrs per month for 6 months. 

Coach Development


Relationship with self is important as a coach, it underpins our coaching presence and enables use of 'self as instrument' in support of our clients. 

Relationship capacity for building trust and both high support with challenge is critical for transformational coaching. 

Seeing the interconnections of relationships in the client system creates multiple lens and opens up possibility for working with the client and their presenting topic. 

Mentor Coaching & Supervision services are typically 1hr sessions at the frequency determined by the coach. 

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