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Group Dynamics

Learning about yourself in relationship to your experience of the moment, others and the group through the process of group dynamics provides a wonderfully rich and real experience to shape your leadership capability. It develops capacity for presence, connection, receptivity and responsibility; all of which are essential in environments of change and uncertainty.

  • Presence: Develop your presence in the moment and explore your levels of attachment to outcomes

  • Connect deeply: Through an exploration of values and beliefs, raise awareness what connects you and makes you different from the group. 

  • Receptivity: Explore receptivity towards others. Listening deeply and allowing yourself to be changed by what you hear.

  • Responsibility: See and feel the layers of responsibility in your relationships and to the wider system. 


Surface the patterns of your group and how you contribute towards them. Create experiments for change & learn from the experience. Reflect on the patterns of change in your life and at work; develop your curiosity and bravery to continually experiment.

The multiple layers of relationships in groups

"Knowing yourself through what you see in others and what they see in you, is like seeing yourself as a kaleidoscope of shifting movement and colour"

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In any group, whether it is a team of 10 or 2, a project group or a working group there are multiple layers of relationships:

  1. Firstly, there is you and what you bring to the group today. You bring your perceptions & experience of the world to the group. You bring your relationship with your past, present and future to the group.

  2. Secondly, there is you and each individual relationship you have with each other person in the group, and their relationship with you.

  3. Thirdly, there is the relationship of the group in totality. The life force of the total group when together.


Action Learning Group


This option is a great solution for organisations which are implementing a learning and/or development programme for a group of people and want to boost the ROI with the addition of an Action Learning Group. Together we will create an Action Learning programme experience which works in service of your learning objective to embed the insights and knowledge. Whilst the topic will be your learning content, the style of facilitation will layer on the experiences of the Leadership practices that improve the capability and capacity to live with uncertainty and to connect at a deep level.

Dynamics Observation


Are you already part of a group or a team and interested in building your awareness of the dynamics that are at play? I take an observational role within your group and notice what takes place and is said without attaching any interpretation to it. I also notice my embodied sense of sitting within the group, With your permission, we press 'pause' and I play these different ways of seeing, hearing and experiencing back to the group. Together, we process the information. How this then evolves is at the choice of the group and a bespoke programme can be co-created or it can end there.

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