Shaping Relationships

At ~ bend the river we believe that working relationships are like rivers. How easily and swiftly they flow affects culture...their landscape and ecology. Our individual and organisational performance, growth and well-being are impacted by our working relationships. 

The intention of ~ bend the river is to explore how your relationships are supporting and/or limiting your potential performance and well-being. Strengthening the connection in our workplace relationships. 




Felicity Hodkinson, Founder

Speaker Events

Peakon: Building capacity for connection 13 May 2019

IGD Webinar 22 February 2018. Listen to the recording: Building effective workplace relationships

Check out the Co-Founder Partnership Programme
Ideal for founding partners who recognise that their relationship is the backbone of the culture of their enterprise... and want to strengthen it in order to support performance, growth and well-being in their workplace.
Leadership Coaching

Together we create a coaching relationship and explore who you are in your life and at work. We surface this and step towards your authentic leadership style in service of your own and your organisation's goals. 


Groups by their nature create rich and powerful learning experiences. Whatever the size or nature of the group, there is always the opportunity to learn about yourself and develop leadership practices through your relationships with others. 

Relationship Coaching

Understand how your similarities and differences in your business relationship can be both the source of flow and tension. Learn how to speak and listen honestly and constructively. Know how to deal with your 'red flag' situations.



“The coaching conversations with Felicity have been hugely insightful and incredibly powerful. Felicity bought a structure and consistency that made it more than just a series of conversations. I've been able to do real things and take meaningful actions as a result of the work we have done.”

- Antony Cromb, Head of Strategy, Sainsbury's

Is your Leadership ready for change?


Why ~bend the river?

Read about the story that inspired the company name and how it fits with a relationship coaching approach


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