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Coaches: Use Supervision to Tap into your Core Wisdom

The Coach - Supervisor relationship offers a place to reconnect to our core being. To look within ourselves and explore how we are showing up with our clients and notice what we are contributing to the coaching space.

It’s easy within the busy-ness of our lives to bounce from one coaching client to another and with our attention on their challenges and systems, we can lose touch with our own sense of self. It can lead us into coach 'doing' and away from our coach 'being'.

In Coach Supervision, we can take the time to ask the questions such as:

  • Who am I being as a coach?

  • Who am I being with this client?

  • Who am I NOT being or showing of myself?

Coach Supervision with Felicity gives you the place to explore what's going on around you, within you and to connect to your wisdom and access your own resourcefulness.

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”–Aristotle


The Supervision Story: I'm bored, what's gone wrong?

A coach came to supervision with Felicity aware of a shift in their interest towards their clients. They noticed that they were bored by some of them. Just admitting that made they feel guilty and left them questioning their skill and if they were at fault?

This coach had previously shared with Felicity that they digested information visually. So a visual exploration was co-created to go a little deeper into each client relationship and who the coach was being with each one, including how/when the relationship had started. Some patterns started to emerge which highlighted that the boredom was less about the client, less about the coach skill and more about how the coach had developed over time and honed their coach niche. The clients with whom they noticed boredom bought challenges which fell outside of what they felt passionate about coaching. With this new insight, focus could then turn towards:

  • options for evolving their coaching process

  • tweaking their communications messages to attract more of the clients they wanted

  • support and resources to continue and potentially end with the clients which now fit less well

The takeaway: It's ok to feel differently towards the individuals you coach; it's good practice to get really curious about what is going on when you notice it. Supervision gives you the non-judgemental space to tap into the core of who you are with your client; to bring greater alignment of your coach purpose with your practice.


Start now: Who are you being?

Start by asking yourself this question and if that gets your curiosity going, then perhaps you'd like to find out more about Coach Supervision with Felicity. Share a little about you and register your interest here.

Let's get curious together, Felicity

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