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Experimenting with a New Shape for Group Coach Supervision

What if there was a new way to experience group coach supervision? A way that is more flexible, supportive, and connected?

For the past two years, I've been thinking about the best way to design group coach supervision. I've looked at existing models, and I've talked to other coaches about their experiences. But I haven't found anything that perfectly meets my needs, or the needs of my clients. One that fully supports:

  • Flow and that feeling of ease

  • Sufficient Safety to show up and go to a depth that encourages learning

  • A sense of both continuity and newness

  • The strength and elasticity of commitment and flexibility

  • Connection and equality

So, I'm experimenting with a new model. I'm calling it the "Coach Supervision Community." It's a small group of coaches who commit to working together for a year to support each other's growth and development. It is based on the following equation:

Commitment x Flexibility x Connection = Sufficient Safety + Variety


We'll each commit to the year and to each other to be an active participant and to contribute to growing, restoring and sharing together. We’ll agree some ground rules around needing to cancel joining a session, paying attention to the individual need alongside the impact on the wider group.


There will be a choice of #CoachSupervision sessions to join. We'll agree a minimum group size, eg 3 and a maximum of 6. During the year, each coach can participate in 5 group sessions and 1 individual session. We’ll aim for a calendar of sessions at times that suit the majority of the group so you’ll have choice over what you sign up to. The individual session allows you space to be the centre of focus, not always needed, but sometimes wanted.


We'll give time to building our relationships, within the sessions and outside of the time together. Who we are together will support the depth of work we do together. Every session will allow for arriving together and beyond that, there will be a space to share what’s going well, and to ask for support and perspective between sessions.

Sufficient Safety

We each have different needs to feel sufficiently safe to step into our less than comfortable learning zones. The small group contract will be formed to include what you need. By starting as one group together, you can shape and evolve that contract.


Will come through the similar but different group combinations and sizes which will naturally emerge. Plus from who brings what and how we choose to work together each session. What variety and consistency do you need to feel both stimulated and reassured?

The Spirit of Interconnection

The spirit of interconnection and a shared responsibility towards nurturing commitment, flexibility, connection, safety and variety is what will make this a community (albeit a small one), and more than just a group.

Are you interested?

If you're a coach who is interested in joining the Coach Supervision Community, please contact me. I'm gathering interest for a kick off in January 2024 with an aim to get the group confirmed by Friday 1st December 🤞 If you'd like the details or have questions, either message me or sign up here .

All the best, Felicity

P.S. #ICF accredited coaches - you can put 10 hours of supervision towards your 40 hours of CCEU's needed for re-accreditation every 3 years.

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