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I first came across Theory U when reading the book "leading from the emerging future' by Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer. It was a book on my MSC reading list (Leading and Facilitating Change). It grabbed my attention and really got me thinking about my work in the world.
I'm hearing more and more people wanting to work more emergently in business and society so supporting traction with the principles of this Theory, could help us create change.
The free course from MIT offered by Edx is a fantastic opportunity to join a huge learning community and get connected with others who are interested in bringing their presence and purpose to bearing in our world.
Find details of the course here, it starts 8 September and runs through into December, but if you miss that, you can still join in and catch up with the online modules in your own time.
If you're already familiar with the theory, then you might enjoy joining a UK event on 26 September at Hawkwood House, connecting with other practitioners. The focus is on building a community which supports and flourishes the Theory U approach in the Uk.

Felicity Hodkinson is a leadership coach working with individuals and groups, creator of ‘relational learning experiences’ and founder of Bend the River. She combines her marketing, commercial and change management experience of 20 years gained in small business and corporate FTSE100 companies with her passion for coaching individuals and organisations.

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