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Exploring is like sushi and chopsticks

There's something about sushi and chopsticks. The chopsticks are firmly in hand and the the sushi pinched tightly between them. As you raise it to your mouth, it seems to twist and wriggle and escapes back to the plate. The only solution is to spear it with the chopstick and show it who's boss!

It's how I've felt at times since I decided to start my own business. The process of working through what I believe in and what that means for ~bend the river has been like slippery sushi. I approach it with eagerness and enjoyment, think I'm just about there and then it disappears from my grasp. The clarity I'd momentarily had is replaced with more thoughts, 'what if's' and frustration. Just when I thought I'd got there, it disappears out of sight.

After noticing that this was becoming my pattern as I wrote the proposition and business plan and created the experiences I realised that I had to step away from the focus. I needed to pause and stop prodding at the thought. The technique I've been experimenting with is learning stuff I consider to be creative. So whilst it's related to the project of creating the business, it's not about my thought process. I've been learning to doodle again, drawing stick figures and shapes, playing with lines, paper and pen. It's a great distraction technique and seems to give my brain a rest and see things in a different light. The clarity miraculously reappears.

Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now said "The incessant mental noise of thinking prevents you from finding that realm of inner stillness that is inseparable from Being." Sometimes you need to step away from prodding at the sushi trying to get it as quickly from chopstick to mouth and try another way. This approach is one I use with coaching clients. I like to step away from focusing on the issue, exploring with other activities to help you see what's on going with fresh eyes.


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